ProBanque Conciergerie

The life facilitator

Try to imagine…

…a new way of purchasing.

Through a trusted, simple, familiar service, similar to that of the shopping card that you already use at the supermarket.

…wherever you are

to be able to count on an international payment circuit and on the same assistance services, without commissions and additional costs

… to have more time

to spend with your friends, your family or simply to dedicate to your interests

… to choose comfortably

a product or service, to order it and for a team of bellboys and assistants to take care of the rest.

 … to have an assistant

that simplifies your daily life, saving you time.

 … to have a delivery boy

he pays your bills, pick up the shopping bags, he goes where you need to buy whatever you need, up to 24/7.

ProBanque thinks about your needs,

 the Conciergerie that adapts to your requests. Discover all the services and … enjoy your free time.

 Give more value to your time.

 Learn to delegate. Learn to be pampered. Learn to have the freedom to manage your time.

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